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Happy Holidays from James & Trey
By: Gremelin
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By: Gremelin
EDH v0.2
By: Gremelin
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Welcome to The EveryDay Helper! This site was started in August of 2005 in the hopes of bringing people together from many walks of life who enjoy Gardening, Cooking, Mixing, and much more... We hope you enjoy what we've attempted to start here and we hope you find it to your liking :).

Welcome to The EveryDay Helper!
We would like to take the time to welcome you to The EveryDay Helper!

Posted by James:

Happy Holidays

Trey and I would like to wish you all a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!

Posted by James:

I decided that it was time to upgrade the forums; not too many new features in this release however there are a significant amount of bug fixes.

Posted by James:

We've just finished the groundwork on a COMPLETE recode of the site. This recode gives us a lot more flexibility with the systems we have in place, and allows some pretty neat options.

Some features coming in the future:
File Archive - Will allow us to share files (screensavers for example).
Recommended Reading - Will allow us to share what books we like.
Video Bin - Will allow us to share videos from YouTube, Google, Yahoo on the site.

Best of all, every user can submit content that they feel would make a great fit; you don't have to be staff to help contribute!

For now however we're just focusing on the newly recoded Articles and Terminology systems as well as some lingering code cleanup.

Posted by James:

Well I'm happy to announce that EDH is now open for public use! We've had a busy development calendar this August in getting everything ready and we set an internal release date of September 1st that I was bound and determined on releasing on...

We still have a few find points to work out but everything should be ready for use! This all done 26 hours ahead of time too... Please let me know via the forums if you have any problems or any sugguestions.

Also, be sure to register on the forums for our recipe exchange or to just chat .

Posted by James:

Well, I'm currently working on getting some fine tuning done with the coding (the design was completed on Tuesday, I've spent a better part of Wednesday morning on tweaking and some coding)...

I'm going to post a semi-formal expectation date for the v0.2 of the site for release by September 1st (unless something out of control happens).