Site looks good guys. It really does. If you want the script for real let me know. You can check it out here...

It has some missing data right now because I had to flush the user database after moving servers(encryption issue), However if you play with it you will quickly see it is quite vast. All 100% original I might add.

It uses php/MySQL and since I love you guys will of course help with it any way I can. You might even be able to tie it in with this BBS, though, with this it kinda makes the BBS pointless. It has its own BBS feature so each article can have user coments. It allows avantars, profiles, quoteing, emotioncons, Rich text editor, and highly scalable...

I doubt you will take me up on it, but let me know.

By the way, this site is awsome. I have found several recipies I will be trying soon. I find your ads are kind of nice too because they also have what I am looking for.
Looking for ideas